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Tungsten Carbide Snowplow Blade Insert

  • Tungsten Carbide Snowplow Blade Insert
Tungsten Carbide Snowplow Blade Insert

Tungsten Carbide Snowplow Blade Insert

  • Grade:K40
  • Brand: Jingxin alloy
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Features:National standard
  • Product description: Product description: High-quality wear-resistant carbide snowplow inserts is mainly used to clear snow.

 Tungsten Carbide Snowplow Blade Insert

Jingxin Alloy offers the most complete line of Tungsten Carbide Snowplow insert edges, the inserts shall meet virgin Tungsten Carbide quality specifications and shall meet the hard and fast requirement. – all with the well-known Jingxin Alloy quality. All tungsten carbide snowplow inserts should be a high shock WC Grade of tungsten carbide. Are high hardness and high strength in use,resisting high impact load.made of virgin qualtiy carbide.After finished blades that make the Snow Plows will keep running longer, with fewer changes when they’re brazed with Jingxin Alloy Tungsten Carbide Snow Plow blade inserts.
Carbide Inserted - Virgin tungsten carbide inserts are placed into milled grooves along the bottom wear surface of the edge giving it unmatched wear resistant properties and making this blade ideal for high speed highway or airport runway plowing.
Chemical Composition (Nominal Percentages)
A. Tungsten Carbide (WC): 90-88%
B. Cobalt (Co): 10.-12%
2. Physical Properties
A. Hardness: 87 – 89 HRA
B. Density: 14.1 – 14.65 g/cm3
C. Maximum Porosity:
1. Type A: 02
2. Type B: 02
3. Type C: 00
D. Transverse Rupture
Strength: 390,000 Ib/in2
E. Average WC Grain Size: 2.5 μm
3. Constant of Metallurgy
A. Free of eta-phase
B. Uncontaminated by other carbide grades or contents
C. HIP Sintered


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